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Political Reform


In mid-2008, BPI decided to undertake a new initiative in its quest to serve the public interest:  political reform in Illinois.  Our goal is to help restore open, honest, and accountable government in our state.

Our political reform work focuses on two distinct areas of engagement:

    • Inspectors General and Government Corruption BPI is working to strengthen the effectiveness of offices of inspectors general throughout Illinois in their efforts to combat government corruption, fraud, and inefficiency. Our current agenda focuses on the office of the Cook County Independent Inspector General.


  • CHANGE Illinois! BPI is playing a significant leadership role organizationally and strategically in CHANGE Illinois! Four BPI directors have played leadership roles in CHANGE Illinois! since its formation.


  • 2016:  In a unanimous verdict, the Illinois Supreme Court rules that the Cook County Assessor must comply with a subpoena for records issued by the Cook County Independent Inspector General.  BPI provided legal representation in the case.
  • 2012: BPI is appointed special state’s attorney representing the Independent Inspector General in Cook County in a lawsuit against the Cook County Assessor over failure to comply with a subpeona.
  • 2011: BPI publishes Inspectors General and Government Corruption, a guide to best practices and an assessment of five Illinois offices.
  • 2011: BPI appointed pro bono counsel for Chicago’s Inspector
    General in lawsuit against the City Corporation Counsel, a case ultimately decided by the Illinois Supreme Court.
  • 2009: BPI plays role in formation of CHANGE Illinois!, a broad-based coalition to reform Illinois government.




Recipient of the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions

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