Marissa Manos

Administrative Director

Marissa acts as BPI’s Administrative Director, ensuring that the BPI community is well functioning and well-fed. She first came to BPI for a three-day stint as a temporary secretary.  In 1983, then-Executive Director Alex Polikoff lured Marissa away from her position with a teddy bear manufacturer to return to BPI. Since that day, Marissa has been BPI’s Administrative Director, celebrating her 38th anniversary in 2021.

Prior to coming to BPI, Marissa worked as an administrative assistant for both attorneys and corporate executives. During a “finding herself” sabbatical, Marissa pursued a career in the food industry, both as a caterer and as the manager of the Franco-American Café, a short-lived but much-loved restaurant in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Working at BPI reflects Marissa’s personal values and provides an opportunity to make a contribution to an organization that fights for justice.

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