Ashton Hoselton

Polikoff-Gautreaux Fellow

Ashton Hoselton is a Polikoff-Gautreaux Fellow and works with BPI’s Justice Reform and Housing & Community Development program areas. Ashton supports the development of BPI’s work to transform Illinois’ criminal legal system and expand housing choices for low-income Illinoisans. Her Justice Reform work involves advocating for decarceration, expanding access to quality higher education in prison, and developing policies and programs that support successful reentry. Through this work, Ashton strives to advance strategies that dismantle the current carceral system and replace it with a restorative system that promotes equitable outcomes and safety for everyone. Ashton’s Housing & Community Development work focuses on advocating for state and local policies and initiatives that increase access to affordable housing, particularly for returning residents.

Ashton received a JD cum laude with special pro bono recognition in 2019 from Georgetown University Law Center, where she was a Public Interest Fellow. As a law student, Ashton served as President of Georgetown Law’s Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and worked with the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, Bronx Defenders, and ACLU National Prison Project. Prior to law school, she was a Fulbright Fellow and researched the Ugandan Prison System to determine the essential factors creating Uganda’s relatively low recidivism rate. Ashton graduated with honors from Pitzer College in 2015 with a BA in Neuropsychology and Holistic Healing.

Ashton does this work to advance collaboration and equity. She works zealously to ensure these values guide her personal and professional advocacy. In coalition and community with formerly and currently incarcerated individuals and their loved ones, Ashton strives to use her career to devise holistic solutions that recognize, account for, and eradicate the vestiges of slavery while using her power and privilege as a white attorney to amplify and increase community power to identify problems and solutions.

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