Artishia Hunter

Senior Education Associate

Artishia Hunter serves as the Senior Education Associate in the Early Learning program area. In this role, she works closely with the Altgeld-Riverdale Early Learning Initiative, a coalition of community partners and residents in Altgeld Gardens, a public housing community on Chicago’s far southeast side, to help ensure young children in the community are on track to succeed by third grade. Artishia helps facilitates monthly coalition meetings, works with partners to increase preschool enrollment and supports education programming across a continuum of services for young children. She has created and sustained valuable relationships in the community to help advance the Altgeld-Riverdale Early Learning Initiative’s mission.

A value that has followed Artishia throughout her career is equity. With over 20 years of experience in education, she understands that education is an equalizer. She does this work because she believes all children, particularly children whose lives are impacted by structural inequities, deserve quality education, services, and resources.

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