Adam Gross

Director of Police Accountability

Adam Gross joined BPI in 1995 and currently serves as Director of the Police Accountability program area, In this role, Adam leads efforts to enact systemic police reforms in Chicago and ensure that those most directly affected by the reforms play an active role in developing them. Since 2016, he has provided legal, policy, and technical support to the Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability (GAPA), a coalition of community organizations, as it works to create and implement a community-driven police oversight and accountability system that will give Chicago residents a powerful role in improving policing and reducing crime and violence. Adam also worked with the Mayor’s Police Accountability Task Force and helped develop the Task Force’s key proposals for structural reform.

From 2014-2020, Adam initiated and directed BPI’s Justice Reform Program. He worked with the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice to create a strategic plan to transform Illinois’ juvenile justice system to focus on education, development and rehabilitation, and to dramatically reduce the number of children in prison in the state. He also supported efforts to reduce the number of adults in prisons and jails in Illinois, and improve services for people in the criminal legal system.

From 2005-2014, Adam directed BPI’s Affordable Housing Program, working to create and preserve affordable housing and ensure that it is distributed equitably throughout the metropolitan region, and to stabilize and strengthen neighborhoods. He was instrumental in passing Chicago’s Affordable Requirements Ordinance, which creates affordable housing in neighborhoods throughout the city. He drafted and successfully advocated for a major amendment to Chicago’s Vacant Property Ordinance. He drafted and helped enact a Chicago ordinance that protects lease-compliant renters who are at risk of eviction in foreclosed buildings. He played a critical role in creating the Cook County Land Bank. He drafted and successfully advocated for state legislation that has generated millions of dollars for local governments to clean up and secure vacant properties, provides new tools to local governments to help address vacant property challenges, and speeds up the foreclosure process for abandoned properties. He helped dozens of local governments to develop and strengthen vacant property ordinances. He helped secure $140 million for affordable housing in a state capital budget, then the largest allocation for affordable housing in state history and the first-time affordable housing was included in a capital budget.

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