Time for Action

While so much can be said about the recent Supreme Court opinions, including gutting the right to reproductive freedom and weakening tools available to protect communities from gun violence, now is the time for action. The Court’s efforts to turn back the clock are destructive to our communities, and they warn of future harms to our LGBTQIA+ community, people of color, women, and our working poor.

Utilizing this “justice system,” the Court is on the precipice of negating decades-long efforts to build a more diverse and inclusive country that protects all its residents regardless of race, gender, identity, or class. Its recent actions directly contradict BPI’s work to build a just society, and they must be countered.

We understand that the Court’s rulings do not sit in isolation of a women’s right to choose or a technical understanding of the Second Amendment. We know that this reduction of choice and creation of risk also speaks to the employment, housing options, and freedom – or lack thereof – that these rulings will have on individuals and families. We know that it runs in parallel with increased poverty and a decrease in safety and restorative justice. As a society, we are woefully deficient in the development and availability of resources to address those challenges. And yet, the Court has pushed forward rulings that will detrimentally change our lives.

BPI is committed to standing up for what is truly just, and we will work to reduce the perpetual and pervasive harm that will likely result from the Court’s recent actions. We will continue to do this through our housing work, our efforts to reduce the footprint of the criminal legal system, and our continued push for police accountability. We will continue to stand up and advocate for what is just. Join us in this fight.

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