Presenting Our Special BPI 50th Anniversary Report!

As BPI’s 50th year draws to a close, we’re proud to share our special 50th Anniversary Report. It includes historic highlights and inspiring words from others about BPI’s accomplishments and aspirations, plus the latest on our efforts to advance criminal justice reform, police accountability, housing and community building, early childhood learning, government integrity, and racial and economic equity.

You can view the full report below.  We’ve also created an interactive, downloadable version where you can click on the sidebar images of Gloria, Chance, Vianka, and Mecole to view videos of the people who recount the personal side of BPI’s work over the decades. Download the interactive PDF.

Our sincere thanks to all who’ve made the good work reported here possible—our community partners, generous funders, loyal supporters, and fellow advocates. We’re grateful to have you standing with us—as together we face the challenges and promise of BPI’s next 50 years.

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