Justice 20/20: The Demand for Equity

BPI is working with Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA) and the Illinois Justice Project (ILJP) to launch Justice 20/20: The Demand For Equity. This multi-year initiative will bring together individuals and organizations to collaborate to address issues within the Illinois criminal legal system. The name of this effort reflects the future vision of this work: achieving collective clarity among those working to change the criminal legal system and focus on the work that needs to be done. Justice 20/20 is driven by participants’ priorities, strategies, and decisions in workgroups organized by specific topic areas.

Beginning in 2020, a wide range of advocates, including law/policy organizations, members of grassroots and community-based organizations, activists, and organizers on the frontlines of fighting for racial equity and social justice, identified a set of values and goals and created a list of issues and actions items required to address our racist, inequitable, and unjust criminal legal system.

In April 2021, BPI, CGLA, and ILJP hosted a meeting of those engaged in criminal legal system advocacy to discuss the concept of communal leverage to address the criminal legal system in Illinois. Aligning with one of the goals of Justice 20/20, this meeting began to set the groundwork for building an inclusive space that welcomes individuals and groups from all ends of the criminal legal advocacy spectrum to work together to influence change.

Over the next several months, BPI will continue to help build out Justice 20/20 to achieve a coordinated collective of individuals and groups that work to advance change in the criminal legal system through:

  • effective implementation of recent and future policy changes,
  • development of new legislative and administrative initiatives to pursue, and
  • identification of and response to administrative barriers.
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