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BPI mentioned; “Redistricting Survey Released”Capitol, January 24, 2018

Madeleine Hamlin, author: “In Chicago, Another Public Housing Experiment: Prisoner Reentry” Citylab, August 10, 2017

BPI mentioned: Sheldon Baskin, developer who held stake in White Sox, dies at 80” – Chicago Tribune, August 1, 2017

BPI mentioned: “Chicago Bar Foundation honors former BPI intern Sarah Hess” – Globe Newswire, July 24, 2017

Hoy McConnell letter to the editor:” Jefferson Park’s Affordable Housing Development is a Step in the Right Direction” –  Chicago Tribune, June 1, 2017

Adam Gross quoted: “Emanuel to Appoint San Jose Police Oversight Leader to Lead City Police Policy” –  The Daily Line, Chicago; February 25, 2017

Julie Brown quoted: “At Lathrop Homes Redevelopment, an Uneasy Truce” – Chicago Tribune, December 26, 2016

BPI mentioned: “Lathrop Homes Development Takes Major Step Forward with CHA Deal” – DNAINfo, December 16, 2016

Adam Gross quoted: “Fault LInes–The Contract: Chicago Police Union” Al Jazeera English, December 6, 2016

Alex Polikoff, BPI mentioned: “IL Supreme Court: Berrios can’t block county Inspector General’s investigation at Assessor’s officeCook County Record, December 1, 2016

Adam Gross quoted: “New Police Oversight Agency OK’d by Joint City Council Committee – DNAInfo, October 5, 2016

Adam Gross quoted: “Chicago’s Plan to Toughen Police Oversight is Under Fire  – New York Times, September 7, 2016

Alexander Polikoff quoted: “Will New HUD Rule Help More Families Escape High-Poverty, High-Crime Neighborhoods?” -Crain’s Chicago Business, July 30, 2016

Hoy McConnell quoted:  “Rauner Forms Panel to Study Reform of School Funding Formula” -Cook County Record, July 21, 2016

BPI mentioned: Don Rose: “Friends of Parks in Smart Tradition of Citizen Suits”  -Chicago Sun Times, June 29, 2016

Alexander Polikoff quoted:  Is Ending Segregation the Key to Ending Poverty?” –The Atlantic, February 3, 2015

Adam Gross quoted: “Tougher affordable housing proposal heads to City Council” –Chicago Tribune, January 14, 2015

Alexander Polikoff letter to the editor: “Rescuing the children who come after McKenzie” –Baltimore Sun, August 10, 2014

Alexander Polikoff quoted: “Poor families use ‘supervouchers’ to rent in city’s priciest buildings” –Crain’s Chicago Business, July 26, 2014

Press Releases

BPI and CHA Joint Statement on Lathrop Replacement Housing; CHA and BPI reached an agreement in federal court on Lathrop replacement housing, December 15, 2016

Children And Family Justice Center To Receive Champion Of The Public Interest Award At 
Bpi’s 2014 Annual Dinner Equal Justice Initiative Founder Bryan Stevenson Will Deliver Keynote Address, April 2014

BPI Receives MacArthur Award For Creative And Effective Institutions MacArthur Foundation names Chicago law and policy center BPI a 2012 honoree, February 16, 2012

New BPI Report Shows Promising Results For School Improvement Study Reveals How Some Chicago Public Schools Are Successfully Building Internal Capacity to Improve: Common Instructional Focus for All Students at All Grade Levels is Key, October 27, 2011

Fighting Political Corruption – Make Inspectors General Offices Strong, BPI Report Finds A New BPI Study Looks at Five Illinois Inspector General Offices and Shows How to Improve Their Effectiveness in Fighting Political Corruption, May 16, 2011

Taxpayers Sue State Over School Funding System Lawsuit Raises Constitutional Claim, Says State Violates Equal Protection Clause by Requiring Homes of Same Value to be Taxed at Different Rates, March 24, 2010

Ten Years Into CHA Rebuilding Effort, BPI Report Finds Dramatic Improvements For Some, Not Others BPI Praises City and CHA for Transformation at Mixed-Income Developments but Finds Persisting Problems at Remaining “Projects”, September 3, 2009


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Recipient of the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions

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