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Business and Professional People for the Public Interest has served the Chicago region as an independent public interest law and policy center addressing compelling issues of social justice and quality of life for nearly a half century.

BPI lawyers and policy specialists use legal and policy research, advocacy, organizing, litigation and collaboration with nonprofit, business, community and governmental organizations to accomplish our mission.


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Grigory Vodolazov's 3-year-old son peers into his family's apartment complex from their unit in Bellevue, Wash. The Vodolazov family is part of Creating Moves to Opportunity, a housing voucher experiment that uses incentives and counseling to encourage low-income families to move to what are called "high opportunity" areas.

Housing Mobility: Back on the Nation’s Agenda?

Originally pioneered as a legal remedy for housing segregation, BPI’s Gautreaux litigation, “housing mobility” — using federal housing vouchers to enable low-income families to move from disadvantaged neighborhoods to higher opportunity ones — suffered through a long dry spell. A…

Meet Our 2019 Summer Interns and Fellow

Our summer interns and fellow have arrived and are hard at work assisting BPI program staff in projects related to justice reform, housing, and early childhood education. We're excited to have them with us for the summer! Kristen Gagalis: Legal…
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