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CHANGE Illinois!


BPI is a charter member of CHANGE Illinois! (Coalition for Honest and New Government Ethics in Illinois).  CHANGE Illinois! is a coalition of civic, business, professional, nonprofit, and philanthropic organizations dedicated to bringing honest and open government to Illinois.  Formed in early 2009, CHANGE Illinois! led efforts to develop and pass the state’s first campaign contribution limits law.  Effective in 2011, the law limits the amount of political contributions that can be made directly by individuals, corporations, unions, and political committees in local and state elections; requires timely and more frequent disclosure; and provides stricter enforcement mechanisms.

The CHANGE Illinois! coalition is currently supporting efforts to change the political redistricting process in Illinois from one controlled by the politicians to one in which political mapmaking is performed by an independent redistricting panel.  An independent ballot committee—Yes for Independent Maps—has been formed to place a constitutional amendment before Illinois voters on the November 2014 ballot.


"This [redistricting] is not a party issue and it’s not a policy issue, its really a problem in our structure of government and a voting rights issue.” -Ryan Blitstein, President and CEO of CHANGE Illinois

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