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Business and Professional People for the Public Interest has served the Chicago region as an independent public interest law and policy center addressing compelling issues of social justice and quality of life for nearly a half century.

BPI lawyers and policy specialists use legal and policy research, advocacy, organizing, litigation and collaboration with nonprofit, business, community and governmental organizations to accomplish our mission.


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Moving to Opportunity

Housing Mobility: What Is It and Why Is It So Controversial? - Part 1

“We are talking about the appalling fact that nearly one of every two poor African American children in this country faces a high risk of a blighted adulthood.” Housing mobility is prominently...

Knowledge Exchange Recap: Poverty, Wage Stagnation and Employment Policy

Each month we're reporting out on our Knowledge Exchanges, held as part of our Visiting Fellowship in Urban Poverty with Loyola University of Chicago’s Center on Urban Research and Learning...
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